Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hairs never look good on anybody in today’s life where everyone want to look better and flawless.There are various methods available for the hair removal some are temporary other are permanent, the most effective method for the permanent hair removal which is available today is Laser Hair Removal. It was started between 1991 to 1996, after that its technology went through various changes, now if we consider it today its efficient and very much advanced then it was earlier, it also provides convenience, comfort and reliable results then other methods if we talk about permanent hair removal.  This method is applicable for both men and women, and widely accepted by the professionals. It takes some sitting which varies from person to person and how he or she responds to the laser treatment. This method is considered to be affective for the fair skin and dark hairs, which is the absolutely perfect condition for this technology even though now there are also available conditions for the light hairs and dark skins but as said earlier condition match perfectly with laser treatment.  This technology is also safe and comfortable for all genders, if performed under the supervision of a professional dermatologist. Laser Hair Removal Cost varies from place to place and the part of body which will undergo this process and it is safe on all the parts of body.

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Undesired hair occurs in both men and women and may end up being just as embarrassing, and expensive, for both sexes. Razor blades and also depilatory lotions might seem fairly low cost but the skin gels, products, foam and agents that are needed to be able to go with them raise the cost significantly. While we talking about the results it vary from body to body normally it takes 6-8 sittings to take effect up to 90% on the unwanted hair reduction. The interval for these sittings can be the 4-8 weeks; it must be done under the supervision of experienced dermatologist.

Hair Removal Methods

There are various methods which are available for hair removal

Waxing – This is the method in which lukewarm wax is applied in the direction of hairs, after that a strip is laid on that treated part of body and pressed for while gently. Removal of wax is painful because it is pulled out in the opposite direction of the hairs with the jerk. Growth of hairs in this method is slow and they grow like fine hairs.

Shaving- doing shaving for hairs on daily basis becomes uncomfortable and time consuming, there is also risk for the cuts and hairs grow faster also the growing hairs are hard in nature.

Plucking – The procedure in which hairs are physically plucked out of there pores; this is done by single plucking unit or the instrument which is combined by number of units.

Electrolysis Hair Removal – this is the method which is considered for the permanent hair removal although it can’t be promised for everyone 100% but yes it is approved by FDA. It takes many sessions to take over the effect. This was the first method which was accepted for the permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal – as explained earlier the laser of different wavelengths are passed into the hair follicles to burn them from roots, so that these hairs got reduced with every single sitting, now with the latest techniques the level of pain has been reduced very much and becomes comfortable. The body area which is to be treated firstly it is shaved so that the energy should be fully consumed at the root level of the hair, it will save the energy to be wasted on the upper part of hairs also help to get the best result, don’t apply any chemicals on the treated body areas for next 24 hours. During the laser treatment don’t use the hair removal methods which take them out from roots like waxing plucking etc, the methods like shaving can be used which does not affect hair roots so that during laser session hairs can be treated properly to get best hair reduction results

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In these days this is not the time now that only peoples who need or require the hair removal as a necessity for their roles for the professionalism will take it e.g. bodybuilders’ swimmers etc, desires for looking great and leading the stylish lifestyle making individuals attracted towards the permanent hair removal. Women and men both are increasingly taking laser for removing hairs as it is becoming the most popular trusted and painless method for doing that.

Precautions for the Laser Hair Removal treatment

  • Always take the laser session under the professional peoples.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your dermatologists.
  • Don’t take it closely to the eyes, it can be harmful.
  • If there are cuts on the skin or pimples avoid that area.
  • Don’t take it during the pregnancy.
  • If you feel irritation during or after the session ask your doctor.
  • Don’t apply any kind of lotions or other products for up to next day.
  • Redness is common after session for few hours if it remains for long time consult the doctor.

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Always be aware of the facts about the things you are going to choose for the laser hair removal cost, as the facts in this article has been provided for the readers so that they can apply these facts in taking their decisions and  can get the maximum results. Human hair growth also passed through various stages where at some point some hairs are at the best stage for the laser treatment while others are in the dormant stage, when they also get in their active state then the laser will kill them from roots that’s why it takes some sittings so that all the hairs can be treated at the active stages and also the time gap which is taken for the next session so that up to next session hairs are ready to be treated and results can be drawn as much best as it could be, so that you can look great and feel confident.