Dealing with Large Breasted Women

Whatever gets you going man; I personally don’t work well with almost ANY program. Personal coaching works though (NLP, Life coaching…etc.) but on a personal level, it’s all about just noticing my reactions and discovering them on my own. But anyways, let us know how it goes. I already do.
The problem is that most of my game is day game. It’s getting very cold outside and girls are wearing thick jackets. Often I have no idea about their breast size.
Just the other day I met a girl during swimming. She had an amazing body. Thin and large, probably DD cup, breasts. Two days later I see her walking in the supermarket wearing her winter jacket. There was no way I could tell she had a smoking hot body if I hadn’t seen her before.  I also use internet dating and asking a girl for their breast size doesn’t work very well.
So it would be great for me if I could be attracted to smaller breasted girls like I am attracted to the large breasted ones. I have noticed that if you want to look or feel at some really nice titties a surprisingly few percentage of normal girls has really nice titties. However when you really want a nice ass there is so much more to choose from, almost every normal weight girl has a fine ass, not that many normal weight girls has fine titties,  so I agree with the OT that if there is a solution he might want to consider it (personally I don’t have it though)
Personally I don’t have a tittie fetish, if I see cleavage it drives me out of my mind, but when I get the titties naked it’s like I only spend like a minute or two kissing them (and even then mostly just because she usually really likes it when done right), however with a hot butt you nearly never get tired of massaging it, which is horrible because even when in bed with a girl you have to restrain yourself because if you spend too long massaging and worshipping her butt it seems weird for her and I guess kind of low status.
I don’t usually look at their boobs, and if I do, I do it in a funny way. Sometimes I even look at their boobs and compliment them: “Nice boobs!” They’ll usually laugh and say “Thanks”.  Most of the girls I know use vitamins for breast augmentation
What I see from their reactions when you say that, instead of when you try to hide the fact that you’re looking at their breasts, is that hot girls usually like sincere compliments and that they’re not used to getting them.
It’s easy to shout out to a girl that you don’t know “Nice Ass!”. It is much harder to look at a girl’s boobs while you’re talking to her and compliment her on them. They’ll respect your directness/cockiness.